About Essence Networks

We are an international network of successful business practitioners providing niche professional services in New Zealand. We have a common vision for enjoying what we do best… creating success for our clients. We are passionate about our craft and our client’s vision for achievement.

We have achieved excellent results using highly adaptive, cost effective techniques and through working at multiple levels of our client organisations. In the work we do, we assess how your organisation can execute better on its strategy, improve its level of compliance cost-effectively. We take into consideration your firm’s unique cultural style,  business planning, business processes, information management and technology capabilities.

We provide services in the following areas:

Today’s challenges cannot easily be solved using toolkits and template solutions alone. While it is important to not re-invent the wheel, true cost effectiveness is achieved by actually going deeper than superficial adoption of standards, methodologies or toolkits.



Our Approach – Why we succeed

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Our approach to our work has helped us achieve reliable results in the field:

We use the client’s frame of reference

We partner closely with clients.  After having assessed the unique needs of the organisation, we are able to co-design an approach that they can own and operate.  This helps our clients have better control on the methods and overall cost of implementation.

All-of-Organisation Approach

Even when working on the detail, we ensure that our work creates collaboration opportunities within the client organisation.  We help our clients maintainin an all-of-brand perspective, thus helping them manage the overall cost and complexity of their initiatives.

Layered Approach

Today’s organisations have to grapple with complex issues.  Our approach addresses this by bringing clarity across roles and responsibilities.  We work to designing processes across all levels of the organisation.

Industry Experience

Our broad knowledge of industry verticals across the Finance (Banking, Insurance),  Public Sector and High Growth startups will enable you to jump start your initiative.

Design-Led and Innovative processes

:  bring  clarity to the job at hand

Our work products are designed to help our clients execute on the big picture.  We are able to work as thought partners, and translate strategy and vision objectives to the appropriate level of detail required for people to execute on a day-to-day basis.  To achieve this, our work products eliminate rework, unnecessary bureaucracy and duplication of work streams.

Our approach ensures that an end-to-end view is maintained, and opportunities for both innovation and risk management can take place.

Empowering Staff

Our work creates opportunities for staff to learn on the job, within their work environment.  This builds up internal capability and the ability to build on the work we do for our clients – via knowledge transfer of our skills.  Our highly customised workshop and mentoring provides a means to get more benefit from packaged education courses your staff attend.

Ensuring you get more from your ICT expenditure

Our practical knowledge of Enterprise-class ICT Products, and experience in implementing standards and best practices, allows us to provide advice on how to achieve better value from your expenditure in ICT.

Over the last ten years, we have played a leading role in the establishment of in-house ICT assurance and planning practices – like Enterprise Architecture.  We are able to work closely with business units, in-house ICT and vendor teams to help them design solutions that meet business requirements at a reasonable cost.