Our Online Privacy Policy

Our Commitment

Essence Networks takes internet end-user privacy seriously and is committed taking all reasonable care to protect the personal information of all individuals who transact with our organisation online.

This privacy policy is designed to ensure compliance with the Privacy Act 1993.  This policy is also designed to  incorporate guidance by the Privacy Commissioner of New Zealand.  Where applicable, we strive to comply with international norms and standards for the protection of individuals’ right to privacy.


Essence Networks does not sell, rent or otherwise make available any personal information to third parties.  Personal Information held by us may be disclosed under our obligation to comply with  New Zealand law.  This may include disclosure to:

  • government or statutory authorities
  • suppliers we have contracted to host and manage this website.

Purpose of Collection

Essence Networks collects and holds your information for the following reasons:

  • To serve customer requests
  • To manage information relating our suppliers
  • Market Research and Business Development

What Personal Information is Collected

The personal information collected and held may include:

  • The individual’s name, organisation, phone number(s) and email address
  • Information about the individual’s professional interests
  • A record of any queries the individual has made or feedback given

This website does not hold

  • any financial information about any individual or party.
  • address (residential or official) information.

Reasonable Care

We take reasonable care to protect individual information.  We follow a quality assurance process that covers  physical, computer and network communications, and personnel security.  We store your information in  a database and take professional care to keep the database secure at all times.

Access to your Information

We ensure that you have access to any personal information you have with us.

The different ways you can access your information are:

o       Self Service: Via the internet: http://www.essencenetworks.com/ by using your username and password.  You can then use the “Your Account” link on the front page to access your profile, where you can view or  edit your personal information.

o       You can contact us via this website’s Contact Us page to request a change or deletion of your information.

o       Via email:  web  [at]  essencenetworks.com. using a subject line that contains the phrase “[PRIVACY]”.

Via written correspondence to our postal address.

Tracking Visitors

Essence Networks uses online services for Google’s Search Engine Optimisation and to analyse online traffic behaviour in order to optimise user experience.  This website is designed to collect information about internet traffic on essencenetworks.com in an anonymous and aggregated manner.  More information about Google’s Privacy Policy on google.com

Anti-Spam Controls

Where possible, we are proactive in the use of anti-spam technology.  Currently, we use ReCAPTCHA technology to prevent spam and bots.

Changes to this Policy

We may update this Privacy Policy at any time.

We seek your feedback, suggestions and comments in order to improve our policy and operations continuously.